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Try this placement test.  Copy and paste and send in an email to:

1 Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of the verb in brackets.

Example: I usually get up (get up) at seven o’clock.

1 Tod _______________ (watch) TV at the moment.

2 The sports hall _______________ (not clean) on Wednesdays.

3 Ella _______________ (have) blonde hair, but now she’s quite dark.

4 He _______________ (look for) a job next month.

5 What _______________ he _______________ (find) when he opened the door?

6 She _______________ (not go) out last night; she went home after work.

7 I _______________ (go) to the USA five times. How about you?

8 When we arrived, they _______________ already _______________ (leave) – the house was empty.

9 They _______________ (not listen) to the teacher at the moment.

10 _______________ you ever _______________ (see) a giraffe?

11 She _______________ (meet) her new boss last week.

12 Happy anniversary! How long _______________ you _______________ (be) married?

13 I don’t think it _______________ (snow) this week. It’s too warm.

14 He _______________ (cook) lunch when we arrived, so we offered to help.

15 We left the cinema because we _______________ (see) the film before.

16 Pizza _______________ (make) with flour, oil, tomatoes and cheese. 

2 Complete the sentences with one word.

Example: Where do you live?

1 How __________ bread do you eat?

2 I __________ do the washing up now. I’ll do it later.

3 A chemist’s is a place __________ you buy medicines.

4 A I don’t like Chinese food.

B __________ do I.

5 Put __________ some shoes. We’re going outside.

6 We walked __________ of the shop, because the music was too loud.

7 __________ it was a warm day, she wore a big winter coat.

8 I went to Rome __________ learn Italian.

9 What __________ you do if it rains this afternoon?

10 A Have you heard the news?

B No, not __________. 

3 Underline the correct word(s) in each sentence.

Example: Have you finished that book yet / just?

1 You must / mustn’t listen to your teacher. She’s trying to help you.

2 This is the best / better museum I’ve ever visited.

3 This bike’s most / more expensive than mine.

4 He’s eaten too many / too much cakes, and now he feels ill!

5 You mustn’t / don’t have to wear a uniform at work if you don’t want to.

6 You don’t do enough / too housework. I have to do it all!

7 We had a boring weekend. We didn’t have anything / nothing to do.

8 You don’t have to / should try on this shirt. I think it’ll look great on you.

9 They might / must go to the beach tomorrow – if the weather’s hot.

10 Wait! You walk more quickly / quicker than me.

11 Who did paint / painted this picture? It’s great!

14 If I didn’t have to, I won’t / wouldn’t go to that conference.

4  Tick () A, B, or C to complete the sentences.

Example: They ________ from Rome. They’re from Florence.

A  not          B  aren’t        C  isn’t      

1 ‘Have you finished that report?’ ‘No, not ________.’

A  just         B  already          C  yet      

2 What ________ you do yesterday afternoon?

A  are          B  did          C  do      

3 I ________ in the park when it started raining.

A  sat          B  was sitting          C  sit      

4 ‘________ you ever been to the museum?’ ‘No, this is the first time.’

A  Had          B  Has          C  Have      

5 He couldn’t remember where he ________ his car.

A  had parked          B  was parking          C  has parked      

6 We ________ work tomorrow.

A  haven’t to          B  don’t have to          C  must to      

7 I ________ the gym on Thursday evenings.

A  go usually to          B  always go          C  often go to      

8 I put ________ salt in the pasta.

A  a little          B  too many          C  a few      

9 Hello! Come in. I’ve ________ made some coffee. Would you like some?

A  just          B  already          C  yet      

10 ‘I don’t want to rent a horror film.’ ‘________ do I.’

A  Neither          B  So          C  Either      

11 ________ in the sea makes you really strong.

A  Swim          B  Swimming          C  Swiming      

12 It’s snowing. ________.

A  Putting your hat on          B  Your hat put on          C  Put your hat on      

13 A key is a thing ________ you use to open doors.

A  where          B  which          C  who      

14 ________ to the basketball match on Saturday?

A  Are you going          B  Do you go          C  Will you go      

15 She ________ invite him if she didn’t want him to come.

A  won’t          B  not          C  wouldn’t      

16 I need some advice. What ________ I do?

A  should          B  must          C  could      

17 This castle ________ in 1600.

A  was built          B  built          C  was build      

18 I don’t have ________ money left, because I bought a new jacket.

A  much          B  many          C  lots      

19 He ________ me not to tell anyone.

A  say          B  told          C  said      

20 What ________ you do if she doesn’t reply to your email?

A  will          B  would          C  do      

21 Let’s order a pizza. We don’t have ________ to cook for dinner.

A  nothing          B  anything          C  something      

22 They’ve lived in the same house ________ forty years.

A  for          B  since          C  ago      

23 I ________ come and see you tonight if I can borrow Joe’s car.

A  must          B  might          C  have to      

24 I think this is the ________ song on the CD.

A  better          B  most best          C  best      

25 That case is too heavy for you. I ________ you.

A  ’ll help          B  help          C  ’m going to help © Kristy von Rohr 2015